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By Jackson Taylor

6-24V 12V/24V to 5V 3A CAR USB Charger Module DC Buck step down Converter

PRICE— 130
1: The new United States imported chips, definitely not homemade chips, disassemble chip.
2: The maximum output current of 3A, the long-running 2.1A, sufficient margin.
3: The new design, circuit design does not require electrolytic capacitors and tantalum capacitors (electrolytic capacitor life is short, there is a risk of explosion tantalum capacitors). Now with the use of high-end large-size solid ceramic capacitor circuit (MCC) 3
Very low ripple, 12V switch 5V 3A only about 10 mV ripple many peers have reached 500 mV or greater, the device will cause an invisible injury, severe can cause fault or damage.
4: The new program uses synchronous rectification circuit conversion efficiency is very high, in turn 5V 0.7A 6.5V when efficiency up to 97.5%, 12V turn 5V 1A when it reached 94%, unlike some peers only 60-70% efficiency . (Efficiency test removed the input reverse polarity protection diode and fuse drop).
5: Using flat copper inductors, maximize conversion efficiency. Reduce heat.
6: The whole network first with output overvoltage protection, input fuse has 1.5A, 5V output of 300W TVS has done a pressure pipe clamp protection, protect USB devices.
7: Using the latest USB identification circuit.
8: Short head gilded boundless USB, long service life, not ordinary USB interface can be compared.
9: Output voltage indicator (red)
10: Ultra-small size, 26.4 (L) * 15 (W) * 7.4 (H) mm, the smallest of the whole network.
11: inputs with reverse polarity protection diode, the positive and negative input will not reverse damage (We tested the efficiency of ignoring the input diode and fuse drop)
12: ultra-low quiescent current, 0.85 mA quiescent current. Connected to the car battery without adding switches can be connected in a cigarette lighter line, or ACC power line cord.

LM2596 DC-DC Buck Converter adjustable 3-40V Step Down Module

Conversion efficiency: Up to 92% (output voltage higher, the higher the efficiency)
Switching Frequency: 150KHz
Rectifier: Non-Synchronous Rectification
Module Properties: Non-isolated step-down module (buck)
Short circuit protection: current limiting, since the recovery
Operating temperature: Industrial grade (-40 to +85 ) (output power 10W or less)
Full load temperature rise: 40
Load regulation: ± 0.5%
Voltage regulation: ± 2.5%
Dynamic response speed: 5% 200uS
Input voltage:3-40V
Output voltage:1.5-35V(Adjustable)
Output current:Rated current is 2A,maximum 3A(Additional heatsink is required)
XL4005 DC-DC adjustable step-down power Supply module , 5A

PRICE— 180
The step-down module can easily reach 4 A, 50 w, add heat sink can reach 75 w,
Modules window: 5 A high-power high efficiency low ripple
Module performance and features:
Module properties
The isolation step-down module (BUCK)
4-38 v input voltage: (please try not to exceed 38 v input)
Output voltage: 1.25-32 v continuous
adjustable Output current: 0-5 A, it is recommended to use in 4.5 A
Output power: it is recommended that use within the 75 w, more than 50 w please add heat sink.
Working temperature: – 40 ~ + 85 degrees
Working frequency: 180 KHZ
Conversion efficiency: up to 96% (efficiency and the input, output voltage, current and pressure difference)
Load regulation: S (I) 0.8% or lessVoltage regulation: S (u) of 0.8% or less
Power light: yesShort circuit protection: (limit current 8 a)
Overtemperature protection: (overtemperature after automatic shut off output)
Input reverse connect protection: no, (such as the need to please in the input string into the high current diode)
Installation method: 2 3 mm wire the self-contained
Connection mode: welding, V – IN for the input, V – OUT for the output
Module size: 23 mm, 18 mm long 54 mm wide
4-USB Port Step-down Power Supply Converter Board Module DC 12V 24V 40V to 5V 5A

PRICE— 350