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By Jackson Taylor

When  we  drive,  we  are  bound  to  see  road  signs.  Road  signs  are  intended  to  provide  us  with warnings. In most cases, these signs are for our safety.  They tell us things such as which way we 
can go on a road or what speed  we can drive. However, the most important signs we will see on 
the  road  are  safety  ones  which  warn  us  dangerous  road  conditions  or  informing  us  about 
evacuation of routes. But these signboards fail  sometimes due to harsh  atmospheric conditions 
like smoke, fog etc. If the driver fails to see the signboard it may cost hu ge even a life. In this 
project  we  propose  an  advanced  traffic  sign  board  system  which  will  replace  the conventional 
signboard. It will  act like a signer. The actual system consist of 2 parts, one is the pole mounted
sign  board  and  the  other  vehicle  in-built  board.  The  pole  mounted  sign  board  will  be  the 
transmitter  and  the  vehicle  board  will  be  the  receiver.  Driver   will  get  warnings  like  `u-turn’, 
`deep curve’, `junction’ etc while he is driving.   When speed restricted zone is located, speed of 
the vehicle is automatically  limited.
In the proposed system each po le is equipped with a RFID tag having  a serial number. When the 
vehicle passes through the area, RFID reader  connected to the receiver  will decode the ID and 
announce the traffic  sign details. LCD display is also provided to display traffic  signals for the
convenience of driver.
GPS  is  included  so  that  longitude  and  latitude  of  the  location  can  be  obtained  when  vehicle 
accident    occurs.  Thus the vehicle accidents can be sensed and the exact position of vehicle can 
be identified through this proposed system